With all the fun, animals and sightseeing that goes on annually at Yellowstone National Park, we often forget about the folks behind the scenes keeping us safe and making things look beautiful.

In a video posted last Wednesday (July 14th, 2021), the park shared a video that shows how the crew removes tree and also how the decide which ones need to be removed for safety hazard reasons.

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The official Yellowstone National Park Facebook page shared the short video, which is a part of their "Minute Out In It" series, along with a very detailed caption that read:

Did you know Yellowstone removes hazard trees from campgrounds and picnic areas? Like all living things, trees have a life cycle and eventually die. Employees like Brian reduce the risk of personal injury or property damage by identifying the trees with the highest potential for failure and removing them before they cause problems. Salvaged wood is used for various projects throughout the park.
“During a wind storm a few years ago, we had a live tree fall on a campground host’s RV. Thankfully, everyone was OK, but the RV was totaled. It was a great reminder of the importance of this work to keep people safe.” –Brian Teets, Resource Management Coordinator #WhatWeDoWednesdays

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