I'm sure you've shown up for a job, worried that you were not qualified for it.Yet, still, you were going to try and convince the boss that you were.

What about those jobs you are qualified for, but you are worried about who might be better than you?

These are the things that might run through your mind if you were to apply for this rare job opening of - PROFESSIONAL CHEESE BURGER TASTER.

I'm not kidding here - read on.

It seems that a gambling website is offering $500 to a winning applicant who would be willing to take the job as a “professional cheeseburger tester.”

BonusFinder.com is a company based in Amsterdam. I know, it's not the USA. But hang on. They are seeking a cheeseburger taster to find the best burger in the United States.

If you're the kind of slacker that would just wolf the thing down and give it a grade - you'll never get the job. You need to know your meat and cheese,  and more.

You'll have to eat slow, think about what you are experiencing, and grade the burgers on patty texture, patty seasoning, bun softness, bun taste, complexity of flavors used, relish and/or sauce taste, cheese flavor and creaminess, value for money and quality of the ingredients.

If you win you will receive $500 upfront. Then you will travel, purchase, and - IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE - consume cheeseburgers.

The winner will be announced October 9th and the taster’s reviews will be published on the BonusFinder website.

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