Look at the headlines from big state and major city newspapers and you would think the world is coming to an end.

Pick up this week's Platte County Record Times and read "Japanese purebred Akaushi beef roaming local Wyoming pastures."

The point of a headline above the fold and the lead photo is to get the potential reader to stop and stare in astonishment. They should be so deeply drawn by what they see they can't wait to drop their money and read the story.

I guess, in Platte County, the way to stop a reader is with a screaming headline about Japanese Beef roaming the prairie. You know there are ranchers who will read that and talk about it for a full year.

Then there is that big screaming headline from The Guernsey Gazette: "Dollar Store Coming Together." Yes, little Guernsey is getting a Dollar Store. The front page of their local paper has photos of what everyone in town sees everyday as they drive past the construction site.

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The Douglas Budget was so desperate to find a story, they headlined road construction with the story, "Connecting The City."It’s finally happening – dirt is moving, trenches are being dug and construction is underway on S. Wind River Drive."

The Greybull Standard is proud to headline that the Kane Historic Trail was dedicated with fanfare.

These are the small town headlines that let us know it is still safe to sleep with the window open. These are the headlines from reporters who are not looking to shock, and are not looking for a Pulitzer, they just really care about their community.

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