If you've been lost in watching video's of people falling for no apparent reason, hang on...you're about to watch this video of a mother moose and her two calves over and over. So that it's not confusing, we're labelling them Mother Moose, Calf #1 and Calf #2.

In the video, Calf #1 tries to follow Mother Moose (not to be confused with Mother Goose),  but because calf #1 isn't schooled in real world issues and thinks this is gymnastics class, the little one takes a header over the fence and awkwardly crumples to the ground. This can't be confirmed, but you know Calf #2 was laughing at it's sibling and surely wasn't going to fall into that same situation.

After Calf#1 finishes up the acrobatic spin Mother Moose looked to make sure her young made it over the situation safely. As she sees Calf #1's mishap, you can almost feel the eyeroll as she walks back to check on the youngster.

As you can see, the little ones are quite young and (just like all of us) are still trying to learn about what they're supposed to be doing in life. As a matter of fact toward the end of the video you can hear the man taking the video saying:

Boy, they are brand new

After looking into the video a little deeper I found out the folks taking the video were just out taking a drive and looking for a new fishing hole when they stumbled across the family of Moose. They did it right, stayed a good distance away from them and just watched. We always seem to see the videos and hear the stories of the "Tourons" that are experiencing the wildlife in the wrong way, but this time it seems to be just a great video of Mother Moose, Calf #1 and Calf #2 navigating through life.

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