Look at the picture above. Do you recognize these two people?

If you are from Wyoming, you might.

They are caricatures of Wyoming Senators Cynthia Lummis and John Barrasso.

Have a closer look at pictures of the senators and their likeness, below.

Wyoming, and our senators, were represented in a comparison between Wyoming and California.

The video titled The Difference Between A Democracy And A Republic delves into how the American form of government is not a Democracy and why the founders made our nation a Republic.

Robert George, Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, explains in the video below.

One example of why the funders made America a republic can be found in our modern states of California and Wyoming.

The House Of Representatives represents the population of a state.

California has 52 representatives, the video points out, but Wyoming's population is so low it only has 1.

But both states have 2 senators, which prevents big states like California from ruling over small-population states like Wyoming.

Professor George explains why the founders were against the idea of a national popular vote.

Below are photos of the senators from Wyoming. Do they look like their caricatures?

attachment-Prager U Video Wyoming Senators 2

I think they did a pretty good job with Senator Barrasso.

They even got his red tie in there.

attachment-Senator Barasso

They nailed Senator Lummis's haircut.

Their cartoon rendition of the two was meant to be basic.


America is, essentially, 50 separate countries tied together in a big cooperative. Small states, like Wyoming, would be ruled over by the bigger states if America was a direct democracy.

Radio talk host Denis Prager created Prager University as an educational tool.

The videos that are produced allow viewers to hear directly from experts on a variety of topics to get around any bias or mistakes that come from today's news media.

The Prager University Website offers videos and podcasts on many different topics and for all ages.

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