Battling zombies? Might as well make a sport of it.

This truck has been seen prowling the streets of Cheyenne, Wyoming. On this day I spotted it downtown. I'm assuming these heads were either politicians, lawyers, or lobbyists.

In the photos below you'll see the other parts this truck has picked up as it has rammed and ridden over the undead, making them more dead.

Though I must say that for a truck covered in blood, brains, and zombie guts, the windshield is remarkably clean. I guess one needs to see where one is going when tearing through a hoard of walking dead.

I'm not sure who the owner of the truck is. I was tempted to look for a big guy wearing a torn leather jacket with chains on it for decorations. He'd be caring lots of guns and maybe a manchette or two. Perhaps one of these hands was replaced with a chainsaw.

Wyoming Zombie Truck

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