It's a smartphone twist we didn't see coming...or maybe we did?

A study says that 1 in 5 women questioned would find it harder to be away from their phone for a week than their partner.

Insert cringe emoji here 😬

It also says that women on average spend 12 hours more on their phones than they do with their partner.

AND (wait that's not all) when asked 50% of the women admitted that they would/did spend part of their honeymoon on social media.

Let's take a minute to discuss this information.

As a married for 16 years mom of 5 I can't argue with the fact that it WOULD be harder to be away from my phone for a week than my husband.

Of course, I did spend 9 years with him gone for 5 days a week so perhaps it's the fact that I know I can handle things on my own if I have to...

But really, I would obviously miss him and the help he provides around the house and with the kids, but without a phone...I couldn't do my job, communicate with my support group of family and friends, keep track of my daily schedule, or be available for my children at a moment's notice.

Not to mention I wouldn't be able to use my phone to record day to day memories through pictures or purchase items we need.

And this worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic has only made it harder to function without our phones.

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Yes, I realize that this all makes me sound like a phone addicted snob (and frankly I can't argue)...but it WOULD be harder to be without my phone for a week than it is to be without my partner.

That being said I agree with all of you that answered "partner" on our social media poll question "If you had to pick would you pick your phone or your partner?"

Without a doubt, I would be more than happy to give up my phone rather than my partner.

After all, as much as I appreciate the connection to others that a phone offers...and how it makes so many areas of my life run smoothly, it's no substitute for a warm hello hug and kiss from my husband or his never-ending willingness to fill my truck up with gas even on the most bitterly cold days 😉

Oh and as far as the stats about being on social media on your honeymoon, we all know that it's so that you can post sweet lovely dovey beach pics, no judgment at all from this girl.


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