How does someone even begin dating in Wyoming?

Maybe it's a bit easer if you live in one of the states bigger towns where there are more people to meet. But for those who live in the smallest of small towns, the pickens are slim. You'll probably have to leave town just to meet somebody.

Even then, in most cases the only place to go are the bars. Not everyone likes bars.

Let's look at Hana Wyoming, for example. Population 841. Two bars and a rec' center. That's it. Sure, you can go to church to meet someone, let's not leave that out.

I assume out of the population of 841 nobody wants to be that last number. It makes the math uneven. That 1 is the single person, I assume.

The total population of Wyoming is estimated at 584,153 people. Though that number has dropped some with the recent economic downturn.  There are  298,042 males and 286,111 females.

I really suck at math but I'll give this a try.

That means there are 11,931 more men than women in the state, which is 2.04% of the total population. The Wyoming Gender Ratio is 104 men to 100 women (104:100) or 1.04.

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Well, that's good for you ladies out there- but then we run into other problems, such as how many are married? How many are too old to date? How many are too young to date? How many are too gross, or too weird, or too drunk to date? What percentage does not date the opposite sex?

The next problem is what to do on a date. There are plenty of nice restaurants. Plenty of bars, for those people who like bars. But that gets old fast, especially in the smallest of small towns. Other than that, you better love the great outdoors or be very creative when it comes to making up fun things to do.

If there are a lot of people to choose from you can wait to find your type. But the smaller the town the harder it gets. Next thing you know you are settling for someone that you hate, but don't actually want to kill.

There are some great people in Wyoming, but finding a match is hard work. Even if somebody can get a date it's common to see the woman sitting at the table thinking, 'I scraped ice off my windshield for this?' Maybe the guy thinking, 'I used my good deodorant for this?'

But let's not be too pessimistic. We all see plenty of happy couples out there across the state, so there is hope.

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