If you need a Wyoming ranch in your life complete with just about every type of wildlife imaginable, I think I found one for you. It's more than $11 million dollars, but that does include land complete with elk, deer, wolves and mountain lions.

I saw this gorgeous property on the Fay Ranches website. It's High Divide Ranch on Kara Creek near Sundance, Wyoming. Along with the typical pretty ranch pics, you'll see lots of animals, too.

$11+ Million Dollar Wyoming Ranch Has Elk, Deer & Mountain Lions

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Now you can see why hiking, ATVs, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and horseback riding are all mentioned as possibilities at this place. I didn't see any pics of the bobcat or the mountain lion mentioned in the listing, but I have no doubt they're present considering the large amount of elk and deer nearby.

This kind of Wyoming ranch does not come free. As of this writing, the asking price is a cool $11,340,000. If your dreams (and bank account) are this big, check out the full Fay Ranches listing for more pics and information.

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