Meet Jeremy Dickson. Friends know him as an even-tempered guy who knows how to keep his cool in any situation. That includes when a massive grizzly is attacking. He even kept his cool after being knocked down. That's probably what saved his own life and his friends. 

Dickson was one of a party of four hunting, fittingly, on Grizzly Ridge near Wapiti Wyoming on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 2, when the bear came out of nowhere and attacked. He and his hunting partner killed the attacking bear, but only after the bear tore his thumb from his left hand. But Dickson kept his composure, called for help, and rode out to an awaiting air ambulance – almost as if it was no big deal. (Greybul Standard).

“We’d left camp and were sitting on top of a hill,” Dickson said. “They were a ways away, probably a mile or a mile and a half. One of the other guys had shot an elk (the day before), and before we took off down there we told him, ‘Remember where that elk was down there, and pay attention for the bears.’ We knew there’d be one somewhere. (We knew to) pay attention, because we thought there’d be one around.”

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“She came over the top from the east side of the ridge about 15 to 20 yards away from us. We were looking at the elk, and she came from behind us. And when she got about three or four yards away from us, that’s when she started making some noise. It’s kind of crazy. It actually sounded like a pig, kind of a squeal, not as high (pitched), but that’s what it reminded me of, a pig.”

At this point, the bear is so close, and I'm sure you're aware of how fast they can move. It was too late to get out of the way.

“That’s when she tackled me. I turned around, and she hit me from the side. I never even got all the way turned around,” Dickson said.

The Atlantic via YouTube
The Atlantic via YouTube

he carries a 10mm gun with him just in case something like this ever happened. But the way the bear tackled him prevented him from being able to reach it.

But his friend was able to point his .300 Winchester Magnum and put a hole in the bear just behind the shoulder. That made the wounded bear turn on his friend John, which gave Dickson the clearing he needed to get up and pull his 10mm. A clear shot and the bear fell. A couple more from the Winchester just to make sure he did not get back up.

This entire battle lasted just seconds.

Well HECK! These guys will be telling this story for the rest of their lives.

Special thanks to the Greybull Standard and author David Peck. Further details of this battle can be found at this link.

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