Wyoming is the nation's largest producer of coal. Just behind that, the state produces a hefty amount of natural gas. But political pressure is trying to shut those forms of energy down because they are not "green."

Yet going all wind and solar power is not green either. The truth is those forms of energy is very bad for the environment, and it is also far more expensive and unreliable.

Analysts tried to warn them that full conversion to wind and solar would fail to produce enough energy to keep the grid at full power.

The analysts were proven correct when Germany was forced to restart some of its coal-fired plants due to power outages.

Going "green" has caused so many problems that elected officials in Europe and decided just to call natural gas and nuclear, "green."

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Back when the European Union (EU) first tried to go all solar and wind turbines they quickly rand into some problems.

They were now left with toxic waste from that so-called "green" energy.

Blackouts and brownouts were common.

So the EU began turning back on their natural gas and nuclear power plants.

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But they can't just go back to those forms of energy after decades of damming them.

They will have to convince the public that, in fact, nuclear and natural gas are perfectly fine to use.

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Despite the lesson from Europe, California tried to go all wind and solar with the same results.

This caused California to ask people with electric cars to not charge them during peak times or at all when energy was in short supply.

Like the EU, blackouts and brownouts in California have been common. So the state turned back on some of its natural gas plants to provide reliable energy. 

Angry woman boring during a blackout in the night

All of this is good news for a state like Wyoming that has an abundance of natural gas and uranium. Wyoming will also be getting a nuclear power plant.

At some point, these governments might just realize that the way we burn coal in the United States is not at all bad for the environment. Look at China if you want to see how NOT to burn coal.

While the EU and some in America want to end burning coal Asian nations are building more coal plants in record number. 

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