AM 650, KGAB did a Wednesday morning wrap of all things primary election-related on Wednesday morning.

In case you missed it, or you want to listen again, here it is. We discussed everything from local mayoral campaigns to election surprises to what it all means going forward.

The guests on the show appeared in the following order:

-Joe Shogrin at 6:05 am

-former city councilman and current council candidate Richard Johnson, 6:35

-Republican activist Amy Edmonds, 6:45 am

-Wake Up Wyoming host Glenn Woods, 7:15 am

-Cheyenne mayoral candidate Rick Coppinger, 7:35 am

-HD 44 Democratic Rep. Sara Burlingame 8:05 am

-Republican Laramie County Commissioner Linda Heath, 8:35 am

-Cheyenne mayoral candidate Patrick Collins 9:30 am

-Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee 9:50 am


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