Laramie is a thriving, fun, and engaging community. Over the last few years, we've seen businesses and companies come and go. I keep thinking to myself every time I drive over the Harney Street Bridge that the new development of that roadway would lend itself greatly to expanding the offerings that the Gem City has to offer to its citizens. With that in mind, here are 3 things I wish would come to Laramie (or... come back!)

1. A Skating Rink

I didn't live in Laramie when the now-infamous skating rink closed down. The old building still bares the name, and has had a revolving plethora of businesses since it closed down years ago and was replaced with a daycare center. While I adore the Laramie Skatepark, sometimes it's great to just roll around in circles while listening to loud music. The Ice & Event Center is doing the best they can with offering roller skating in the summer months, but honestly, an indoor skating rink is best in the winter, when there's ice down at the Event Center. Having a great place like a skating rink would offer more athletic fun for both kids and adults alike.

2. Something Fun For Kids

I see this one whenever I ask community members what they'd like to see go into a recently vacated building in town. Sure there are fabulous parks, great activities at the local library, and a thriving rec center, but there are some things that could greatly improve the learning and playing capacity for Laramie's kids. When I was a kid growing up in Campbell County, we had what was called the "Adventurarium", a place filled with all of those science experiments and demonstrations that fueled love of learning. Cheyenne recently announced they'd be getting a Trampoline Park. There could never be too many activities to stimulate kids' minds and keep them active, in my opinion.

3. Clothing Stores

Don't get me wrong, we have some pretty great options in Laramie. The thriving consignment store community is the best thing about clothes shopping in Laramie, and I'll almost always find something cool when I visit NU2U or Mimi's, but it would be nice to have options to buy first-hand clothes that don't come from Walmart or Maurice's, or cost and arm and a leg. Murdoch's and Martindale's fill that niche well in some instances, but wouldn't it be great to have a Ross or a T.J. Maxx?

What would you like to see come to Laradise?

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