The Robinson Draw Fire went from a small brush burn to 21,000 acres of forest and grassland lost in three days. The fire is in Park County Wyoming.

Crews are attacking the fire from two sides. Planes and helicopters can be seen dropping water and flame retardant.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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A town being just below the mountain has offered some breathtaking videos and photos of the fire. Below are a collection of videos from the past few days.

This first video was posted by the Billing's Gazette. The video zooms in on the red hot blaze climbing the mountain.

This view from above the fire, by Greys River Photography, offers a look into how intense the flames are in the middle of all that heat.

Also from Greys River Photography on YouTube are some interesting views from vantage points around these mountains.

Here is what this impressive fire looks like from orbit. Thanks to NOAASatellites 

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