Colorado and Wyoming used to be very much alike.

Both square states that lived the cowboy lifestyle.

Today, while they are both still square and still have the same landscape, the two states have become very different.

The video, below, perfectly illustrates what I'm talking about.

Youtuber Dude Dad shows us how a Colorado dad celebrates July 4th, with what he calls fireworks, compared to how a Wyoming dad celebrates.

One of these two guys will lose his fingers.

The other lost his manhood a long time ago.

Enjoy the video comparison, below. 

After you watch this I'd like you to try and deny that it's true.

Let's face it, people in Wyoming have way more fun on the 4th than people in Colorado.

What Dude Dad left out was Wyoming's use of GUNS during the 4th.

Can't do that in Colorado.

attachment-Fireworks and guns

Wyoming loves its 4th of July fireworks just like any other state.

Drone light shows are fun, but only if we are allowed to shoot down the drones while they perform.

After many millions of years of constant change, Wyoming has become a dry, arid region.

That means that some years, fireworks displays on the 4th of July are not a good idea.

Hot debris will fall from the sky and start fires.

That's okay because we still have our guns.

Wyoming has more guns per capita than any other state.

Enjoy this video of fireworks and tracers, just south of Casper Wyoming.

We also have lots of open land.

SO, YEAH - we bring our guns out on the 4th.

I mean - 'Merica,' ya know.

We have everything from little pistols to big 50-caliber rifles.

Yeah, a few people even legally own machine guns.

Some Wyoming gun shows even feature cannon-firing demonstrations.

I know of a welder in southwestern Wyoming who built his Civil War-style black powder cannon that he likes to shoot off on the 4th. It's just powder, he does not load a projectile into it.

Smart gun owners know that it's still not a good idea to just fire into the air, even in the most open Wyoming areas.

Smart gun owners will never just go outside and start shooting their gun into the air, even if they live out in the middle of NOTHING Wyoming.

It's a good idea to know what's out there before pulling that trigger.

So when you hear that bang-pop on the 4th in Wyoming, listen for that sound that might not resemble a typical firework. It's probably not.

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