I Cannot describe the joy of seeing someone on horseback somewhere way out in Wyoming and thinking, that's the real deal. Usually, it's a rancher out taking care of business. Sometimes it's a pleasant ride.

But Wyoming riders know that the pleasure of trail riding in this great state goes far beyond what's around the ranch. This state has hundreds of miles of the best and most beautiful riding in North America.

There is no way to name them all and some of the best trails are probably kept secret in the ridding community. But here are a few of the best suggestions we could find. Just follow the links. Each trip depends on if you have your own horses or want to join a riding tour.

Grand Teton National Park allows riders to explore over  300,000 acres of pure Mother Nature can be found at Grand Teton National Park. Everywhere the eyes turn is grandeur.

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Jackson is the town at the base of the Tetons and it too has some amazing rides. Horses are provided and tours if you need.

Targhee National Forest has trails as well as horses and wagons if you like. The trail ride winds through Wyoming backcountry. You can go on your own or on a tour if you don't have horses. Tours offer camping and food.

The Bighorn Mountains & National Forest Imagine 1 million acres to ride in. You could spend a lifetime exploring the Bighorn National Forest and Cloud Peak Wilderness. Nearly 200,000 are only accessible by foot and horseback.

Curt Gowdy State Park will let you ride for a $4 per day fee and a $10 fee for camping. Out of state visitors must pay a $6 per day fee and $17 for camping.

Outlaw Trail Ride will bring you back to those Butch & Sundance days. The outlaw trail ride offers views of the backcountry that is on private land, not open to the public. That makes this trip expensive at around $1000.

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