Wyoming has some of the best rock climbing in the nation.

If you don't rock climb you might enjoy watching. It's quite a skill.

Not all Wyoming rock climbing locations were made in the same way.

50 million years ago, a huge stratovolcano larger than Mt. Rainier formed in northwest Wyoming.

Its basaltic flows formed a large swath of the northern Absaroka Mountains.

After many eruptions and extensive glaciation, the central vent complex of the volcano is now composed of two beautiful peaks, Sunlight Peak and Stinkingwater Peak.

Wyoming has some of the most fascinating and famous climbs in North America.

From Devils Tower to the east to the Tetons in the West.

Every climb in between is something entirely different.

There are online rock climbing guides that point the way, like the one at this link.

The question then becomes if you are interested in climbing a cliff or a mountain.

There is no wrong answer here.

The biggest mountains will typically take more than a day and involve more hiking than rock climbing.

For rock climbing alone, the state is filled with cliffs.

Some of the best shorter climbs are in the southern part of the state like off Interstate 80, in the Turtle Rock area between Cheyenne and Laramie.

Wyoming rock climbing guides are found all over the internet like the one at this link.

Some of these sites, like the one above, include guides.

Why get lost when you can have a local who knows the mountains, or where the best cliffs are for day climbs?

Don't forget the many Wyoming shops that carry rock climbing equipment. Follow this link.

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Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

Local Pilots Give Wyoming Kids A Free Flight

Does your kid want to be a pilot?

There is no way of knowing unless they get a chance to get in an airplane and get up there.

Thanks to a Wyoming chapter of EAA, (Experimental Aircraft Association), kids in Wheatland Wyoming got that chance this past weekend.

Local pilots offered free rides to all kids, breakfast included.

The hope is that maybe some of these kids will get that urge to want to fly and pursue a career as a pilot.

America needs more pilots.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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