Are you ready for some good news for a change?

According to Cowboy State Daily, Trade schools in Wyoming and nationally are seeing a boom in enrollment.

Trades such as automotive and welding have had their enrollment numbers skyrocket over the last two years.

Fewer people are interested in a college degree and more people becoming interested in hands-on work.

For decades we told young people that a college degree was the way to go if they wanted to make more money.

New Trainees Begin Training Programs
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Yet the more government got involved in colleges around the nation, and after the government took over the student loan program, universities had students spending far more money than they had on courses that would never translate into actual jobs.

College is necessary for some jobs.

But what we had was young people graduating, deeply in debt, while holding degrees that would never actually help them land a job.

In the video below TV host Mike Rowe talks about redefining what a quality education really means.

America needs skilled labor. 

The National Association of Business Economics (NABE) found that nearly half — 47% — of respondents to its Business Conditions Survey reported a shortage of skilled workers in the third quarter. That's up from 32% reporting shortages in the second quarter of the year, which already was too high for comfort. And nobody thinks the labor shortages will just disappear as 2021 turns to 2022. (CNN BUSINESS).

ullstein bild via Getty Images
ullstein bild via Getty Images

Those skilled blue-collar jobs do not take a 4 or 6-year degree and they cost very little money to get. They also pay VERY well.

Here in Wyoming, we have several trade schools, WyoTec being the most famous, that are training the next generation in high-paying skilled labor.

This is nothing but good news for the students, our state, and the nation.

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