We hear a lot about government mandates these days, the vast majority of which need to be ignored.

Then there is a lot of debate about what should or should not be taught in schools.

This is one rare time where I will advocate for a mandate.

Dirty jobs, with Mike Rowe, is back on the air with new episodes. This show should be mandatory for all Americans to watch and it must be taught in all schools across America.

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One of the biggest problems for America today is that many people don't know where things actually come from. They don't understand the work involved in creating their completable American lifestyle.

Many of the company owners that appear on Dirty Jobs come right out and say that it is hard to find people these days that are willing to do much of the hard work that keeps America running.

There are still people out there who are tough enough and have a work ethic. But there are far fewer of these people than there used to be.

In each episode of Dirty Jobs, Mike and his team go and find some really hard-to-do profession, and by hard I mean mentally and physically, in every way that you can imagine. Mike then works alongside the work crew on the job site and finds out for himself how hard the job is.

Yet the people doing these jobs are proud of the work they do and they make a lot of money, in most cases, doing the work.

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Many of the most successful people on the show have never gone to college. Yet they are raking in fat profits doing the work that most people across America are thankful that they do not have to do.

The backbone, pride and joy, and real heroes of this nation are featured on this show and that is what all Americans need to see on a weekly basis.

Especially our kids.

Let's have young kids on up to college-age watch the old episodes as well as the knew. Then let's open a discussion with them on why these jobs are important and rewarding.

I honestly don't think most people today even realize what has to be done in order for them to live their cushy American lifestyle.

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