There was a Wyoming governor debate Thursday night?


Actually, a lot of people did not know, and it did not get much press coverage.

We can ask why but the reasons seem obvious.

There are really only 3 candidates left in the race after the primary election was held.

A Republican - Mark Gordon

A Democrat - Theresa Livingston

A Libertarian - Jared Blades

attachment-Mark Gordon debate 2022

Part of the reason - a big part really - for this debate not being the top news story of the week is because we all know who will be sitting behind the governor's desk after November 8th. MARK GORDON!

Most people in Wyoming have never heard of the Democrat candidate Theresa Livingston.

She has not run much of a campaign.

I'm sure she has had some meetings with fellow Democrats around the state to ask for their support. Other than that I cannot think of a single place I have seen her. I have not seen a single ad for her campaign.

attachment-Theresa Livingston Wyoming Gov Candidate 2022

Did anyone even know that the Libertarian party had a candidate in the race?

Did anyone even know that Wyoming had a Libertarian party?

I could not even find a website or any social media for Mr. Blades.

Maybe there is something out there but I could not find it.

attachment-Blades wyoming governor candidate libertarian 2022

I host a talk radio show that is heard on several stations around Wyoming, weekdays, 4 hours a day. Only Mark Gordon contacted me for an interview. My producer has reached out to the other two candidates and never heard back. Are they even serious about running?

So if the other candidates are unknown, then why even have the debate?

It's a formality, perhaps.

Mark Gordon was good enough to show up, but he really didn't need to.

I'm not trying to be mean here but, if you watch the debate, in the video below, you'll see that the other two candidates don't really carry themselves all that well on camera. Mr. Gordon, on the other hand, looks confident and in charge. He's used to this.

Here is the debate in its entirety.

The debate did cover some major issues of key importance to Wyoming voters. But, because of the format, there was never really a chance for anyone on that stage to explain the issue or why they believe what they believe.

So, why was there almost ZERO media coverage of this debate? It is for the Governor of the state after all.

Because we already know who the winner is and the debate was BORNING. Just a formality. Total waste of time.

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