I am a coffee snob. Let's just get that out of the way right now. As a coffee snob I can honestly say that Wyoming has some of the best local coffee roasting companies in America.

Most of these folks work from home. Some have branched out to small retail locations. Either way they all have their own style of roasting and even combining flavors.

I'll apologize up front if I missed anyone. But I have tried coffee from each of the companies listed below. You can order from any one of these to have their coffee delivered to your home. Some are even available in your local stores.

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Snowy Elk Coffee Co.
www.snowyelk.com  A high altitude Wyoming coffee roastery, featuring award-winning specialty coffee for those inspired by outdoor adventure. I'll admit a little bias here. The owners of this company are friends of mine. But to be honest, this is all I drink at home. I'm hooked on Snowy Elk Coffee.

WYO Buckin' Beans
wyobuckinbeans.com Cast Iron Roasted Coffee. Wyoming Roasted. Cowboy strong. Put a Lil' Buck' in your cup! I prefer my coffee strong and I don't put anything in it. If that's the way you like it you'll love Buckin' Beans.

Cheyenne Coffee Company - gourmet coffee Hand Roasted in ...
www.cheyennecoffeecompany.com In Wyoming, we believe that everyone is entitled to a fresh cup of coffee. Cheyenne Coffee Company has rounded up some of the best Arabica beans available.

Mystic Monk Coffee
www.mysticmonkcoffee.com Mystic Monk Coffee. In a mountain valley in Wyoming, a small group of Carmelite Monks were looking for a way to support their growing community. After much discernment and prayer, the monks had the inspiration to start roasting coffee and selling the beans online. The first samples were roasted on a cast-iron skillet in the monastery kitchen and in 2007, Mystic Monk Coffee was born.

Jackson Hole Gourmet Coffee
www.greatnortherncoffee.com GOURMET COFFEE BEANS roasted by Great Northern Coffee Company. located at the base of the Grand Teton Mountains in northwest Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone National Park.

Snake River Roasting Company 
www.snakeriverroastingco.com The Coffee of Jackson Hole Born and raised in Jackson Hole, Snake River Roasting Co reflects the spirit and culture of Wyoming coffees.

Cowboy Coffee Co.
cowboycoffee.com Located in Jackson Hole Wyoming, Founded in 1989 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Cowboy Coffee Company seeks, sample, and roast only the finest Arabica beans from around the globe.

P. Hawk Coffee and Tea
www.phawkcoffeeandtea.com Located in Casper, Wyoming P. Hawk Coffee and Tea are committed "to bringing the goodness of fresh-roasted coffee to the area." And they deliver on that promise with custom roasted blends you won't find in the store.
Mukwano Coffee
www.mukwanocoffee.com From Uganda all the way to Rawlins, WY find a selection of single origin coffee from a retailer that cares about quality, ethics, and teaching you everything there is to know about these fascinating little beans.
Coal Creek Coffee Company and Tap
www.coalcreekcoffeeandtap.com Satisfy the coffee aficionado and the beer buff in your life in one stop at this Laramie staple.

Casper Coffee Roasters 
www.caspercoffeeroasters.com I'm drinking their coffee - right now - as I write this. It's really good stuff.

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