Some folks might remember the creation of Wyoming Whisky.

Those same people wondered why Wyoming did not have its own named brand whisky a long time ago.

So what about a Wyoming Beer?

An official beer that, in taste, character, labeling, and advertising says: WYOMING!

Black Tooth Brewing Company, based in Sheridan has partnered with the state and University of Wyoming (UW) to provide Wyoming Golden Ale that will, they hope, do just that.

They hope their new craft beer will become the university’s and state’s beer.

Black Tooth Brewing is known for its wonderful beer can designs, most reflecting the Wyoming lifestyle.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

“It's a unique beer that we've never brewed before. We've never had an actual golden ale. We've done some other stuff with similar styles, but the idea behind Wyoming Golden Ale was to target the widest demographic,” said Tim Barnes, co-founder of Black Tooth Brewing Company. “You don't want a high alcohol beer or a hoppy beer to be the state's brand, you want to try and target the widest demographic that that you can target in, and this is a very approachable four and a half percent yellow colored beer that that's going to be very familiar to people who have had any other style of domestic beer.” (Wyoming Public Media).

At this point, you might be wondering what the beer will look like and taste like.

Expect a straw-colored that has “no adjuncts in it that would allow for certain flavor characteristics,” Barnes said.

The beer cans will have unique Wyoming designs.

attachment-Wyoming Beer 2

UW's mascot Pistol Pete will be on one can with the words “Brewed for Cowboys” from Labor Day to Memorial Day.

We have to have a can with the famous Wyoming bucking horse, Steamboat the bucking horse that first debuted on Wyoming license plates in 1936 from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

“One of the things that we talk a lot about and in our leadership team meetings is the idea of being intentional. And this project spoke a lot to being intentional and being in Wyoming and trying to build an iconic Wyoming brand is a difficult thing to do,” Barnes said. “Being in a place to be able to execute on such a unique opportunity is evidence to me that we're moving in the right direction and continuing to try and build on what we've established over the last decade.” (WPM).


The beer will be canned on-site in Sheridan and distributed across the state.

The process is already underway.

You'll find the beer at the company's Cheyenne location on May 25 and at their Casper location on May 26.

Gov. Mark Gordon will unveil the beer in Sheridan on May 27 along with UW officials.

From there it's just a matter of Wyoming beer drinkers having a sip and waiting to see if they give a thumbs-up on the flavor.

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