Big city tourists are a little confused as to why 9 rest stops have been reopened just for them. I'll explain why in just a moment, first the backstory.

Wyoming closed 10 highway rest stops to save money during budget crunch time. The 10 that were closed were already competing with towns and convenience stores along the highway so the governor thought it would be no big deal.

But that didn't stop people from using those rest stops. When ya gatta go ya GOT TO GO! So folks would slip around the side of the walls in the picnic area or duck behind the bushes.

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In other words Wyoming rest stops became no better than the sidewalks of Denver, New York City, San Francisco, as people could be seen reliving themselves anywhere and everywhere. It became as bad as San Francisco's Great Poop Crisis, which you can read about here.

According to the Governor's office the 9 that are opening again are:

Lusk on US 18
Guernsey on US 26
Greybull on US 16
Upton on US 16
Chugwater on I-25
Sundance on I-25
Orin Jct on I-25
Star Valley on US 89
Moorcroft on I-90

But Ft. Steele on Interstate 80 will remain closed. That is because Ft Steel is between a ramp with a Shell station on one end and the town of Sinclair which has a big truck stop on the other end.

So, why the confused big city tourists you might wonder. "Why would you want to poop inside where you have to place your bottom on a seat that thousands of other people have sat when there is a perfectly good sidewalk to poop on right out front?" said one San Francisco native. "You country folk have some weird habits."

Well, if they want to feel at home they can still use the one at Ft. Steele.

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