To some humans, Wyoming bison are just big, fluffy, petable cows.

To a domesticated dog, they might be a bigger dog or something that needs herding.

If you bring your pet to Yellowstone it might be a good idea to keep it on a leash, along with their humans.

Some dogs can't resist going out there and challenging a Wyoming bison.

Let's face it, we both know who will win that one.

Below are a few videos of dogs that are actually dumber than their tourist owners, and that's hard to do.

First, let's take the tiniest dog we can find and let it go after the biggest bull on the field.

You can hear the dog's owners yelling at it.

At least the humans did not rush in to try and rescue the little guy.

What did the little pooch think would happen if he ran around barking at those bison?

Was he going to scare them off? Was he going to herd them?

Watch the bison raise their tails as they get agitated. Good thing the little guy didn't get stomped.

You'll hear the wife ask, "Can you go get the dog?"

The husband wisely answers "NOPE!"

About then a bison kicks a back leg at the pooch.

This next dog gets taught a fast and hard lesson.

A pitbull charges away from his family and attacks a bull.

The dog is sent flying with one quick headbutt.

The dog gets the message and runs back to his family.

I bet he'll never try that again.

This next little dog is, thankfully, behind a fence and on a leash.

The bison is probably wondering what's making that noise.

It can't be a member of the WOLF family.

Just look at it.

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