Some people reach a certain age and begin to feel as if they have been told to to remain active. Truth is, while we can't do what we used to do quite as well, we can still do it. It just takes a little longer.

Speaking of a little longer, remaining active helps us live longer.

Meet Peggy Jacobs who just celebrated her 90th birthday by gliding down the trails at her ski club.

"I ski on my birthday, regardless the weather," she said. (CBC NEWS)

It was snowing on her birthday, and a bit breezy. Many younger people called it off an stayed inside, but Peggy was determined to celebrate her 90th by getting out there and gliding for a few miles.

Peggy always skies alone. She checks in with the staff so they know that she is out there, and she checks back in with them afterwards so they know she made it back okay.

"I like to ski alone — I can do what I want in the country. I go in and sit down and relax sometimes and I feed the blue jays," she said.

Cross-country skiing has always been a part of Peggy's life, ever since she was a child. Her first pair of skis were made for her by her father. He cut them for her from birch. All these many decades later and she is still doing it.

It's not so surprising that she learned to ski at such an early age. She is from Corner Brook in Newfoundland, after all.

The important lesson that we can all learn from Peggy is: just keep going. You may not do it as well as you once did, but you don't have to stop.

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