Is Cheyenne Wyoming about to experience a population boom?

Perpahs, let's have a look.

Most of Cheyenne is aging out. The city is getting really old.

But, right now, the bulk of the population is under 50.

That under 50 age has been growing.

If the trend continues then by 2030 Cheyenne's population could be 80% under 50.

The video below gives reasons that younger people might be moving to Cheyenne.

Cheyenne, Wyoming, is getting popular with the younger generations, and it is about to go into a population boom despite being a city with less-than-ideal weather. Normally, younger people look for better-weather locations to relocate when they can. Real estate prices, traffic, and weather are always what they look at.

Wyoming has legendary wind and bitterly cold winters, but to some people, that doesn’t matter to much. And when you have a beautiful city like Cheyenne, people don’t care at all. It is worth it. (World According To Briggs).

It's close to everything people want to do in Colorado, without the Colorado prices or taxes. That low cost of living is very attractive, without sacrificing lifestyle, for those who like what cities have to offer.

There are many good jobs that pay well in and around Cheyenne.

Wyoming is business-friendly with low taxes and regulations.

Cheyenne also has low crime, compared to Colorado.

So, enjoy Colorado, but keep more money and worry less about crime, those are great reasons to move to Cheyenne.

The Washington Post via Getty Im
The Washington Post via Getty Im

People do love smaller-town life, and Cheyenne has that small-town community that people love.

Many of Cheyenne's current residents came to the city through F.E. Warren Airforce Base. After they left the military, they moved back to Cheyenne because they loved the little city.

Finally, Cheyenne has advanced healthcare without the big city hassle or price. People love that.

Young people are moving to Cheyenne. Let's see if that predicted population boom by 2030 actually happens.

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