Back before the invention of the interstate system strange roadside attractions were erected to try and stop vacationing motorists.

It's a little more difficult to stop traffic as folks zip down the interstate.

But for those on vacation, there are still plenty of roadside attractions to visit.

Some might be a little out of the way, but they are well worth it.

There is a map that you can see below, listing some of Wyoming's most interesting attractions that are not always seen from the highway.

Click on this link to see the actual map and scroll the sidebar for more attractions.

attachment-Wyoming road side attractions

Many attractions across America brag about having the world's largest, whatever.

World's largest frying pan. Largest ball of yarn. Things like that.

On the shortlist, above, you'll see The World's Largest Outdoor Swimming Pool. That's in Buffalo, Wyoming.

How about The World's Largest Elkhorn Arch, Afton, Wyoming?

There is also the "smallest" places. Like the Smallest town in Wyoming, population 1.

Cheyenne, Wyoming has a Giant Coffee Pot. It's actually a water tower made to look like a coffee pot.

Visit the Dug Up Gun Museum.

How about Wyoming's oldest soda fountain? 

The World's Largest Jackalope. Heck, it's hard to see one of those at all.

A map like this is a gold mine for folks who want to see those weird and wonderful attractions in the state they are visiting.


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