Once again, someone who has never been to Wyoming has offered an opinion on Wyoming.

From Discover.Alot.Com comes the headline - THE UGLIEST CITIES IN EACH STATE. So, I just had to go and see where in Wyoming they picked.

Afton, Wyoming
As of 2010, the tiny town of Afton, Wyoming just missed the 2,000-person mark at barely 1,911 residents. With so few people in residence, it's no wonder that there's nothing to do except being slightly disturbed at the world's largest arch made of elk antlers lining the highway.

As for residential reviews on Niche, the worst of them warns travelers to "just keep driving" because "everything is closed. The mountains are open... and pizza hut. And we doubt it's a good idea to walk through the mountains on your own with only a 12-inch pizza to your name. (Discover.Alot.Com)

Let's go back to where they got that Afton, Wyoming, was the ugliest city. THEY LOOKED IT UP ON THE INTERNET! They found some photos and took some information off Wikipedia. No one from their site has ever been to Afton and I bet they have never been to Wyoming.

Well, Discover.Alot.Com you have an ugly website, HOW ABOUT THAT?  In fact, I'd say it's about the ugliest and most useless website of 2021.

Besides that, I live in Wyoming and I can tell you there are cities and towns much uglier than Afton. But I'm allowed to say that because I live here. You don't! SO SHUT UP!

It's like you telling me that my sister is ugly. OH NO, YOU DON'T! That's an ass-kicking right there. I'm allowed to tell my sister she's ugly to her face, but no one else better do that. NO WAY!

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