From a listener to Wake Up Wyoming who lives in the area

Please let your listeners know the new Fastlane store in Shoshoni opened today!

This is the best looking and pretty much the only store in the town.

A last-chance gas and food shop (plus a pee break) on a Wyoming desert highway.

As Wyoming towns go, Shoshoni has seen better days.

Now, it looks like it will again!

Shoshoni is a small town in the center of the state.

It was a crossroads before there were roads. American Indians, and later the first mountain men and trappers, passed through and turned to whatever direction they were heading.

It sits just south of The Wind River Canyon and alongside the Boysen State Park & Reservoir.

Before there was a highway stagecoaches and trains used to stop here.

At one time Shoshoni was a cute little town with a lot going on.

These days the only reason anyone really stops here is for a quick visit to the Fast Lane convenience store.

The Fast Lane sits on the crossroads of the only two highways that run through the center of the state.

Highway 26 and 20.

attachment-Flast Lane 2

These back highways are only two lanes, but they are important arteries.

That's where the old Fast Track store is, or was, as the only gas station and store in the town.

There used to be 3 stations at that intersection. All that is left there now is the crumbling remains of 2 of them.

As the last remaining store, Fast Track has plenty of pumps, it is clean inside, and is run well.

Still, the building has been there for a while.

The old place is starting to look worn out.

Time for an upgrade.

The Fast Lane is building a new store behind the old one, and WOW is it GRAND!

attachment-Flast Lane 4

The old Fast Lane will be torn down as the new one opens, AND THE NEW ONE IS NOW OPEN.

Despite its worn-down appearance Shoshoni has a rich history and a lot to offer the future.

A famous Hollywood actress from the 1930s and 40s grew up there.

A popular Marvel Superhero was born and raised there.

This new store is now the nicest looking building in town.

The rest of Shoshoni is looking worn down and sad.

The town even had to tear down half of downtown because the old buildings were falling apart and were becoming a hazard.

They replaced those torn-down buildings with a park.

Homes in town might have been cute when they were first built, but all of them are worn down now and need a facelift, if not a replacement.

Surrounded by all of that, THIS NEW STORE IS BUILT!

attachment-Flast Lane 3

Considering how far out of the way Shoshoni is, and the fact that anyone traveling out there will need to stop and pee, fill up the tank, or get a meal- this location is PERFECT!

Truckers are going to love this place.

A store like this will certainly help the economy of Shoshoni.

There is hope that people might once again see the town how it was way back when it was first built, and rethink either living there or visiting.

Shoshoni, after all, sits in a marvelous location.

At the base of a beautiful chain of mountains, the Wind River Canyon, and one of Wyoming's biggest reservoirs. They even have a little airport.

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