I have no idea what made me think of it, but there it was.

I'm sure SOMEBODY out there must have invented the "Tactical Christmas Stocking" for that guy or gal who loves all things hunting and military.

You know, someone from Wyoming.

There is actually a company out there called Military Luggage Co. They make a lot of different kinds of caring bags for any item or occasion. So somewhere along the line, someone thought of CHRISTMAS!

I found the cover image for this story for sale on Amazon.

It comes in an assortment of camo and colors, depending on your "undisclosed" holiday mission.


There are plenty of pockets, Velcro, and carabiners for whatever you think Santa might want to stuff your stocking with.

Let's hope he stuffs a lot of ammo in there this year. That is in short supply and expensive.

OH LOOK! A Digital Woodland Tactical Christmas Stocking.


I have to say I like the handle on top. Honestly, no one ever wears one of these things so the handle makes it easy to hang and carry.

Notice the zipper pocket that runs horizontally.

Can't have too much Velcro, too many pockets, or zippers, or things to hang stuff off of. Anywhere you can think to stuff something there is somewhere to stuff it.

Is Coyote your tactical color?


Just depends on where you plan to blend in when celebrating Christmas.

Be careful not to pick a color that Santa can't see.

They even have BLACK for black ops lovers.

Navy Blue for the Navy.

You can even shop by your branch of the military.

YES! There is a video review of this product.

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