A red rider BB Gun?

Maybe if you're some kid who lives in town and only shoots in your backyard.

But most Wyoming kids have an open space to play in and plenty of games to shoot at.

Even then, in some major cities and towns, they don't want kids playing with any kind of gun. Even toy guns.

Toy guns are under new restrictions as a NY law goes into effect.

But in Wyoming, some kids learn to shoot in public school. Many kids learn how to shoot from their parents and gun clubs. Respect for guns and others is drilled into them at an early age.

Happy Santa

Santa was not surprised that a Wyoming kid wanted an ArmaLite 15 for Christmas. Most kids in Wyoming ask for something like that. Even the big kids. You know, the adults.

"And what do you want to shoot with that?" Santa asked.

"DINNER!" said the kid.

Santa smiled.

"But ammo is so expensive these days," said Santa. "It's not like buying a container full of BBs. The parents will have to provide him  with a lot of rounds considering how much kids like to shoot."

There is a teachable opportunity here. Most kids in Wyoming will be told, by their parents, that they need to go get a job and supply their own ammo. It's a great teaching moment for young people. One that many kids today don't often get.

I can see it now. The AR-15 is hidden behind the tree and the kid is told about it last. Daddy watches him load it.

"I had one when I was a kid," says Dad.

"So did I," says Mom.

Welcome to Wyoming. It's a little different out here.

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