We have REALLY been enjoying these nice days.

You have a few more to go. Get outside.

The weather begins to change this weekend with some wind, of course, and that smell of Canadian air.

Saturday, October 22, the wind picks up and the temperature drops just a bit. Most of the state will be in the mid-60s for its daytime high.

Sunday, you'll only see a daytime high in the 40s or below for some areas. Most of the high elevations will see snow. Lower elevations will get some rain.

Woman in red throwing snow in the air in winter

Monday, the snow and rain will end but temperatures will drop a bit more.

Tuesday, the daytime high is in the 30s.

After that Wyoming temperatures will bump up just a bit but it will still only be in the 40s around most of the state during the day. Expect it to stay that way for a while.

If you were wondering where that first big storm of the season is, hang on.

Some years winter starts with a hard shot of winter from Canada, then things settle for a while. Not this year.

This year we are easing into winter.

happy child girl plaing with a snowman on a snowy winter walk

However, this year looks like it might be a wetter winter than the past few. Pacific trends are changing and this should bring an end to the drought we have been in as we cycle through from La Nina to El Nino.

This could mean a nice Halloween for the kids to get out and get some candy without it being too cold by Wyoming standards.

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