Have you ever looked at great sports photos and imagined something was going on other than what was really happening?

If you haven't then I'm about to mess up your world.

You'll never see sports photos the same again.

WyoPreps covers Wyoming high school and college sports.

Most of the galleries are photos donated by parents who attend the games.

Let's look at a few of those parent photos and imagine what can't possibly be true.

Alien Abduction

The purple player is being pulled up by an alien spacecraft. #9 is trying to keep his friend from getting probed in unspeakable ways.

Photo Courtesy Ashley Jessen
Photo Courtesy Ashley Jessen

Told you I was going to ruin your world.

Once you start seeing these photos in this way you'll never be able to look at a sports photo normally again.

You're welcome.

Or, you'll curse me.

Either is good.

Pants Your Opponent

Next, we have some imaginative players.

Can't catch him? "PANTS HIM!" Yells #4 and #10 goes for it.

The fans are about to see far more than they paid to see.

Photo Courtesy Tammy Griebel
Photo Courtesy Tammy Griebel

Sometimes athletes think about who's taking that photo and they know just what to do.

The Wyoming Heisman

Ever seen the Heisman Trophy?

It looks just like this next guy!

He's striking that pose because he knows Mom has her cell phone out.

"Get that photo, Mom."

"I need to send this to UW so they pick me for next season."

Yeah - looking good.

Photo Courtesy Kellie Jo Allison
Photo Courtesy Kellie Jo Allison

Don't Let Him Fall!

I don't know much about football, or any sports for that matter.

But, apparently, falling backward is bad.

That's why #14, seen below, is rushing in to stop #1 from landing on his back.

He could just let him fall, but no.

He has to jump in.

He needs to push him the other way so the guy eats grass or something

In the meantime, the guy on the ground just noticed that #1's left shoelace is untied.

Photo Courtesy Kellie Jo Allison
Photo Courtesy Kellie Jo Allison

The Alley-oop!

If an opposing player is not where you want him to be then just pick him up and place him where you want him.

That's what #21 (see below) is doing.

I'm sure it gets really frustrating that all of these guys can never stand still on the field.

That's what we get for letting them drink too much Gatorade.

They get all hyper and start running around.

So now that #21 has this guy put back where he belongs he needs to make sure he stays there.

That's not going to happen.

Photo Courtesy Adria Trembly
Photo Courtesy Adria Trembly


No, he's not kicking a football.

Somebody in the stands started playing the song FOOTLOOSE.

That usually starts a dance-off on the field.

This player should win the contest.

Just look at how into it he's getting.

That boy has SPIRIT!

Photo Courtesy Libby Ngo
Photo Courtesy Libby Ngo

The"SIR - SIR!"

"We've been trying to reach you about your extended warranty."

I'm sure that's what I see in the photo BELOW.

But if you let your imagination run wild I'm sure you probably see something else.

So, there, I've ruined it for you.

You'll never be able to look at sports photos the same way again.

You're welcome.

Photo Courtesy Libby Ngo
Photo Courtesy Libby Ngo

Best Wyoming Sports Moments From WyoPreps

If you're a fan of Wyoming high school sports, that probably means that you've played it, or have kids involved in local sports.

You'll also know the names of Frank Gambino and David Settle, who cover these local teams on your local radio stations across the state, and on WyoPreps, both the website and the app.

Here is a collection of the most memorable sports moments from WyoPreps from the past 12 months. From 2022 into 2023.

These photos were sent to WyoPeps by parents.

They were selected simply because they capture a memorable moment.

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