Rule 1 when having your mugshot taken by police: This is not your high school yearbook photo. You have nothing to be proud of. Your mother might see this. SO DON'T SMILE AT THE CAMERA!

A mugshot from the Cheyenne, Wyoming police department popped up on my social media. It was not flattering. Honestly, it's not supposed to be. IT'S A MUG SHOT.

That got me wondering about other people who have had their photos taken and posted.

'How bad can it be?' I wondered.

Well, let's have a look.


Man Arrested for Starting Fires in Downtown Cheyenne.

Yeah, that makes sense. His face is black with ash from starting the fires.

His expression seems to say, "YUP, you got me."

You would think that the police might want to let the guy wash up before they took the photo, but, maybe that's evidence.


This is a tattooed face that just screams "ARREST ME!"

If he's not breaking the law now, he will be soon.

I bet he should be arrested just for what he's thinking about right now.

Having said that, I do not want to know what he is thinking right now.


Just a hint if you are bald and want to cover it, BUY A TUPEE.

Covering your skull and your neck in tats like this screams, "I BREAK LAWS."

There is also a problem with having all of that ink in the back of your own head. Everyone can enjoy it but YOU!

Here is a fine example of poor life decision-making.


You are NOT in training to become a JEDI, so cut the braid.

It is alleged that two vehicles, a Chevy Impala and GMC Sierra, were following each other south on Stinson Avenue. An occupant of the Impala, later identified as Michael Langley, 26, of Cheyenne, leaned out of the front passenger window with a firearm and shot multiple times in the direction of the Sierra. The Impala then fled from the scene, traveling east on West Lincolnway.

I would offer bets on whether this guy learned his lesson but I know I would not have any takers.


I felt sorry for this lady when I first saw the photo.

What I see here is a lifetime of poor decision-making. That includes her current haircut.

Don't let the sad expression fool you. Looks at what she was arrested for.

On November 6, 2020 at around 2:50 pm, officers were dispatched to a report of a vehicle attempting to run another vehicle off the road in the area of N College Dr and E 12th St. (Cheyenne Police).

When Sgt. Peterson activated his emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop, the vehicle refused to stop, and a pursuit ensued. Shortly after, the pursuit was terminated due to the driver’s reckless driving consistent with a manner that showed wanton disregard for other motorists. The vehicle eventually, and intentionally, crashed into parked vehicles in the area of 1600 Van Lennen Ave and the driver fled on foot. The driver was located and was identified as Candice Cordova, 41, Transient.


What did I say about smiling at the camera?

This is not a high school yearbook photo.

You are having your photo taken because you have done something shameful.

The cops arrived with SWAT because shots were fired at the scene. They arrested this woman.


Wipe that SMIRK off your face. You have nothing to be proud of.

Booked into the Laramie County Jail on the charges of Assault on a Peace Officer, Felony Fleeing/Eluding, Felony Motor Vehicle Theft, Possession of Cocaine and Possession of Methamphetamine. Lackey also had two active warrants. The first warrant was a Laramie County Warrant for Failure to Appear with original charges of Aggravated Assault, Eluding, and Open Container. The second warrant was a Nationwide Extradition (NCIC) Warrant out of Colorado for Property Damage.

Remember, having your mugshot taken is A BAD THING.

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