Imagine moving out west and into a cozy underground missile silo of your own, for a very low price.

Let the world come to an end. You and your family will be safe underground while the aliens and zombies attack.

This beautiful North Dakota location was built in the 1950s and operated until the ’70s. More than 1,000 missiles were placed at launch sites scattered throughout the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming. Some of these sites are now for sale, and as you might have heard, people are making homes out of them.

Come take a tour and have a look at Remote Sprint Launcher 4. This beautiful yet rugged Cold War missile launch site and bunker is located in one of the most remote sections of northeastern North Dakota. The site was decommissioned during the 1970s, and has been sitting, abandoned, ever since. But now, as luck would have it, the Bismarck Tribune reports that Launcher 4 is on the auction block.

Yes, you can own this beautiful lot encompassing 49.48 acres of land, a number of Brutalist concrete buildings, a command bunker, and dual fence. Just imagine what you can do with the remains of 14 launch tubes for Sprint missiles.

You'll want to show it off to your friends and relatives, but don't. They might be spies, aliens, or zombies. Worse yet, they will show up out of panic and never leave. Not to worry. You can buy, and we won't tell.

Contact Pifer’s Auction and Realty for more information.

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