We all kid about the coming zombie apocalypse.

But let's face it, at some point, it's going to happen.

Of all states Wyoming is already the most prepared.

We have more guns per capita than any other state.

Don't even get me started on how much ammo is stashed around the state.

We have preppers out here who are already set with bunkers.

They've designed their properties with kill zones.

Zombies don't like the cold, I'm told.

So they are going to HATE Wyoming.

Wyoming's long winters will keep the zombie survival rate low, and their attack season short.

With such wide open spaces, it will be easy to see them coming.

We can pick them off at great distances, thus lowering the number of the hoard before they get to the house.

High mountains give us the chance to lower their numbers as they cross the prairies towards us.

Then, they have to climb those mountains.

It's always good to have the high ground in situations like this, and Wyoming has plenty of high ground.

It's a smart idea to hide up in buttes and cliffs making it difficult for them to climb.

I don't mean to be crude, but while city folk will be running in panic and getting their brains eaten, Wyomingites will be making great sport of it.

As we lower the numbers of the first great hoards there will be a little disappointment here in the Cowboy state.

But then comes the challenge of hunting the last few remaining wandering dead.

Wyominites love to hunt.

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