Don't be surprised if we see more visitors soon.

Wanna get away? I can't help, but think of those old Southwest Airlines commercials when I hear that. Situations get uncomfortable and you just want to get out.

For us, our situation has been uncomfortable and scary and infuriating for quite awhile. This pandemic definitely makes us want to get away, even if it's just a quick little weekend away in an Airbnb. My husband and I actually spent a long weekend in a cabin last April when I couldn't take the stress of the pandemic anymore. Little did I know what the rest of the year would hold. And I wasn't alone in booking an Airbnb.

A recent survey found that Airbnb hosts earned $1 billion over the course of last year.

I didn't expect that number to be so high in 2020 however, I do expect that number to grow in 2021. That same survey also found what people are searching for most. As it turns out, people not only want to get away, they want to get away from the rest of civilization.

The top Airbnb searches are for cabins, barns and treehouses.

I don't know about you, but it sounds like people will be coming to Wyoming. We have all of those and we can offer them in a serene environment. I mean, no one is booking a cabin in midtown Manhattan in New York City, but you can't beat the views across our state. I'm also willing to bet that venues of that cabin-barn-treehouse nature are most easily found here.

Get ready for a busy post-pandemic tourism season.

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