Last winter much of the state of Texas suffered a power outage when a major cold front moved in. This summer Texas is asking people to curb their energy usage due to the heat. It's not just excess use of heating and cooling units that are causing the problem.

We are using cell phones, tablets, and other computer devices more than ever before. There are those who are pushing the idea of the electric car, motorcycle, truck, and even electric planes on us.

America has never used so much power and we are demanding more every day. We have become dependent on it.

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Since this is the case, perhaps we should be building power generators that are truly reliable. But instead, there is a push for wind and solar power which has promised much but has clearly shown it can't be relied on to push power into the grid when it is needed most.

You've heard it before: The wind does not always blow, the Sun does not always shine. But it goes far beyond that.

Solar panels get cover by blowing dirt and dust and need constant cleaning if they are to provide even a fraction of the power that they were promised to deliver.

Wind turbines do not turn when there is no wind, or when it is too windy, or when it is too hot, or too cold. They even turn them off when birds are around.

America's electric grid needs energy produced from sources that can run 24/7 no matter what the conditions. The grid needs a supply that can be turned up when more power is needed.

The so-called "green" system which is being pushed on us, and is anything but green, is far from reliable when it is needed most. This will cause major problems.

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