This pandemic is really putting a damper on our holiday plans.

Anyone else feeling less motivated these days? Oh sure, the start of the pandemic drove most of us to the couch for some extra calories and binge watching, all in the name of comfort. I'm not knocking that. However, the longer we trek through this weird time in our lives, the more I'm starting to feel like Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights.

Am I right? I feel like I'm not really sure what to do with my life as summer plans are canceled, but the holidays keep coming. As much as I want to do something for Fourth of July, I also don't have any motivation to try to put a plan together.

That being said, I know we all feel a little out of sorts these days.

As far as July 4th goes, we will be celebrating our nation's independence with the bare minimum. A recent survey in WalletHub found that 78 percent of Americans will be spending less on food, booze and activities in 2020. As proud as we are to be Americans, it just seems like an unnecessary expense this year.

And it could also be because we're not feeling very free.

That same survey also found that 82 percent of Americans feel less free this year. I'm not surprised. After seeing our entire nation shut down and continuing to walk through numerous restrictions now, it's hard to feel like the world is our oyster. This goes back to my personal feelings of lack of motivation.

But just because we feel less free or we're tightening those purse strings a bit more doesn't mean that we can't still have a great holiday. Maybe take some time this upcoming long holiday weekend to be with the people you love (if you're not sick of them from the lockdown). Perhaps you can spend the holiday thinking of the things you are grateful in this country. It may not have the same sizzle as a sparkler, but I think it could help our mental and emotional health.

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