At least this study doesn't make Wyoming look bad. But, as usual, it is a complete click-bait story.

This study looked at each state filtered though their "Misery Index."

The Estately company (I've never heard of them either) compares towns, cities and states to help people decide where they might want to live. But as usual these are  somebody else's standards, not your own. These are not even real experts.

Here are the standards they gauged 'livability' by, Thanksgiving edition:

1. Likelihood of a family food poisoning episode

2. Likelihood of relatives getting drunk and making a scene

3. Likelihood of political arguments

4. Dietary restrictions impacting meal quality

5. Likelihood of favorite NFL team losing on Thanksgiving

6. Likelihood of guests/cooks abandoning meal to shop a Black Friday sale

Using these 6 metrics Wyoming landed #42 on the misery index. 

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Okay great, now let me ask you: does that really mean anything to you at all?

How happy you are depends on the standards you set for yourself and the choices you make. It will never be based on some artificial score set by some website that is just trying to get you to click on their page.

Don't like your job? Find a better one.

If you are not happy where you live, move.

If you are not happy with your friends or family, fine new and better people to be around.

But most of all don't let other people tell you how you are supposed to feel. You can choose to be happy despite what some lame study says.

Although I suppose this study says Wyomingites should have some of the best Thanksgivings, and that sounds good to me.

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