Every couple of years Americans line up to vote.

It is a right that was fought for and given to us by brave men and women from the founding of this nation to today.

Many who fought to give us that right paid the price by giving their lives. Some came home broken.

The right to vote should never be taken lightly.

We have entered the season of the 'Get Out The Vote' campaigns where everyone is encouraged to go vote.

But there is never the call that should come with it.

This is our call to be an informed voter

That is why every two years I get on the air with my 'Stay Out The Vote' campaign.

Before you even show up to the polls ask yourself:

Do you know who your mayor is? Who sits on your city council?

Can you name one of your senators? How many senators does your state have? That's basic civics every voter should know.

Can you name the issues that you'll be voting for?

There will be ballot initiatives and sometimes even suggested changes to your state constitution. Do you know about these things and have you researched them?

When you show up on election day that ballot they hand to you should not be a surprise. You should know everyone and everything about it.

You should have taken the time to research and consider the issues. You should have been asking questions.

Did you make the mistake of just looking at one news source? Did you hunt for alternative points of view on the issue or were you happy just living in your echo chamber?

If you're not willing to put the time in to become an informed voter then you are dishonoring those who volunteered and gave their very lives for that right to vote that you have.

If you are too lazy to stay informed then do your town, your state, and your nation a favor: stay home! 

If you ever wonder why Americans keep electing the same corrupt, idiot dirtbags and nutballs over and over again, it's because of the uninformed voter who guesses on that ballot that they are handed.

Low-information voters do more harm than good.

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