Here we go again. Some writer at some website needed to fill his quota for the day so he decided to write an article on The Rudest City In Every State. This time it's the website called Earn/Spend/Live.

For Wyoming, he picked Cheyenne. He only wrote two sentences: "Cheyenne is another example of a place that just doesn't know what to do with outsiders. They might not be downright rude, but expect some cold shoulders if you're not a Wyoming native."

Below is my open letter to the author and the website.

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Dearest Trolls,

It is obvious you have never been to Cheyenne, Wyoming. I lived there. The people love visitors.

If you want to find the rudest people in Wyoming go to Jackson Hole. The reason they are so rude is that they are not really from Wyoming. 

Then again, there are those two old guys who sit on the front porch of the old general store in Aladdin, Wyoming (population 15). But I think they only give a hard time to the tourist because they think being grumpy old men is funny. They don't really mean anything by it.

Turning our attention from Wyoming I'd love to officially announce that we here in Wyoming think that the rudest website on the internet is Earn/Spend/Live because they judge people without having ever taken a moment to go meet them or get to know them, then spreads those lies on the internet. 

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