I thought it was bad enough when conmen started throwing paint at walls and making blobs out of clay that even a kindergartener could create, and calling it art. They then sold that junk to suckers for enormous amounts of money.

Actually, I take it back. They are artists. Con-artist.

Well, another con artist has taken this ploy to the next level. He has actually produced NOTHING - and sold it as art.

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What he does is mark off an area and declare the space inside as art.  The work is inside the "artist's" head. A buyer can purchase a certificate. But there is actually nothing to sell him.

Not much work goes into it as you can imagine. I'll give him this much, his overhead is at an all-time low. For those who worry about harming the environment, you can't say much bad about this guy's work. Hell, it's not even work.

As you'll see in the video below some sucker paid $18,000 for it. PT Barnum was right, one is born every minute.

But now let's look at this from a different angle. Perhaps this so-called "artist" is actually doing this to make a point. This is getting him some much-needed publicity. Did someone really give him $18,000 or was that part of the media publicity stunt? I don't have any answers for this but it is so hard for me to believe I want to think it's a stunt. Then again, someone did buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

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