The Bigfoot painting, above, is called Bigfoot Walks Alone, by Esoterica Art Agency.

Who doesn't like the big furry guy?

We don't even know for sure if he's real, but so what?


There are TV specials about Bigfoot, and... Sorry, does he prefer to be called Sasquatch? Picking on the size of his feet sounds rather insulting.


We have bumper stickers and T-shirts, and pranksters even put silhouettes of him out in the woods to freak people out.

Why not put some BIGF- um... Sasquatch art on your walls?


From Great Big Canvas comes this wall mount that makes you wonder what the furry guy is planning for these campers.

Maybe to just freak them out and vanish. Who knows.

If you buy something like this you have to figure out where to hang it.

That, in part, depends on what your friends and family are like, or what you want strangers to think of you.

How about this wonderful metal wall art on the Wayfair website?

attachment-Bigfoot Art by Wayfair

The big guy has a nice smile and there is all those nature scenes that make it even more interesting to look at.

Look closely and you'll see Sasquatch is included in the nature scene that is printed on him.

That's freaky, and creative, at the same time.

Speaking of FREAKY!

How about a watercolor painting of Sasquatch, hiding behind a tree, pointing at a bunny rabbit?

No, not kidding.

Here it is.

attachment-Bigfoot water color art Etsy

You can find it on ETSY.

The fact that it makes NO SENSE on ANY LEVEL is why I want one.

Maybe this fine work, entitled "Bigfoot Fishing".

Posted on the Fine Art America website it's just one of many works depicting THE BIG GUY in all his glory.

Having this will just confirm to everyone what kind of WEIRD you are.

attachment-Bigfoot fishing fine art america

We all respect Smokey Bear.

But we forget there is another large fuzzball friend that protects the wilderness too.

You can see that depicted on this poster, available at

This buff version makes me think that Sasquatch spends his spare time lifting trees and rocks to get in shape.

He looks so BUFF!

I think we all get the message, and nobody is going to argue with him.

attachment-Bigfoot at art dot com

If you are looking for serious bigfoot (Sasquatch) paintings or even sculptures you can find them if you just search the internet a little.

Heck, you can get a life-sized Sasquatch sculpture, no kidding.

OR maybe you would prefer to wear your Sasquatch.

Bigfoot Underwear Is Real

We can't find Bigfoot. But we found his underwear.

Life-Size Bigfoot

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