The name that generations grew up with, Aunt Jemima, will be replaced with Pearl Milling Company.

PepsiCo, announced the new name for all things Aunt Jemima brand to be implemented by June of 2021

Many of their cornmeal, flour, and grits products will also be rebranded Pearl Milling Company.

The name is being changed because of a few who think the name is based on a racial stereotype.

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The woman who played Aunt Jemima was Nancy Green. She was born into slavery in Montgomery County, Kentucky. After becoming a free woman she worked doing anything she could, including acting jobs.

The inventor of instant pancakes had a marketing concept, after finding Mrs. Green he offered her the job.

Mrs. Green was soon on every box and bottle. Her face was all over newspaper and magazine ads. Her voice was on the radio. She traveled the nation playing the role of Aunt Jemima at local grocery stores. She became a millionaire doing it during a time when she might have actually been the only black millionaire in the nation. Make that, black FEMALE millionaire.

She took her money and put it to good use, going back to where she grew up and used her millions to help families that did not have much.

Mrs. Green lived until the age of 89. She might have lasted longer, but she was hit by a car in Chicago in 1923.

Wanting to continue the legacy of the character the company hired Lilian Richard. Lilian was every bit the exceptional woman that her predecessor was, using her new fortune in much the same way.

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