Popcorn and BEER? Does popcorn go with beer? I guess so.

What about popcorn and WINE? Is that a flavor combination that works for you?

Coming soon to Capitol 16 Theaters in Cheyenne Wyoming, adults will be able to buy beer and wine along with those movie snacks.

Wine and Goobers? Yeah, maybe that works.

The Cheyenne Wyoming City Council approved the idea on October 25th, 2021, giving the theater a restaurant liquor license. The city council approved the application by unanimous consent.

Capitol Cinema 16, owner and General Manager, Robert Berger spoke to the board about these plans. It goes beyond just being able to sit in the theater with a drink.

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“We did build four more screens for our Club 21. This area is designed for those patrons 21 and older after 6 o’clock in the evening. We are looking at serving malt beverages and wine.”

” I have 16 auditoriums altogether. What we have done in the Club 21 area. We have a designed area for services for those beverages. We are also looking at another area – the front area, so we can utilize all 16 auditoriums. So, we are looking at being in another item to sell.” 

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Mr. Berger said that he would also like to serve single-serve canned drinks for the front area of the theater.

My only question here is, considering how expensive snacks are at the theater, how much will the drinks be? Or will the drinks be regular prices that are competitive with surrounding establishments?

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WAIT - one more question: Will people start sneaking drinks in the same way they sneak snacks in? We'll just have to wait and see.

Take a look at Wyoming's favorite movie snacks in the list below. Does Malt Beer or Wine go with any of these? I'm really curious about the flavor combinations.

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