Are you taking friends or family to Yellowstone National Park?

Make sure you take a few of these stickers with you.

That way, when they do something STUPID, you can hand them one of these.

"Here's Your Sticker," you tell them.

It's like handing them a STUPID trophy.

There are many fun and funny stickers available.

But let's look at the ones that are also TRUE!

Starting with the most obvious.

attachment-Do not pet the fluffy cows

We all know this one.

You can get this sticker through TEEPUBLIC.

It's a good idea to buy these early.

Get many different kinds.

Sometimes it's hard to tell what these people will do next.

Have this one ready if they got PUNTED!

attachment-Bison WIll Horn You

This one is available by HANDMADE at this link.

While your friend or family member is lying there on the stretcher and the medic is wrapping a neck brace around them, hand them this sticker.

Here you go, DUMBASS!

I'm sure they will appreciate your heartfelt gift.


There are other sticker ideas you might have thought of.

How about camping incidents?


Just understand, camping to you is a midnight snack to them.

You are in the wild, after all.

Maybe they should have gotten a hotel.

Especially if they have little camping experience.

You could always offer stickers in advance of something bad happening.

I found this one online by REDBUBBLE.

attachment-Play Dead

If the people you are traveling with are really good and being STUPID then they might collect all of the stickers you have, and so many more that can be found online.

There is one that I love most of all.

I'm saving it for that special person who is the special kind of STUPID!

More than once I've reached for this sticker but held back, waiting for the dumbest of the dumb.

Who would you give this next one to?

attachment-Traffic Jams

This one can be found online by ATLAS GENERAL STORE.

Actually, I'm wrong.

That one should be handed out to just about EVERYBODY!

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