I often hear Wyoming residents complain that they don't want to visit Yellowstone, because of all the tourist traffic.

But maybe that's the reason we should go.

Would you visit Old Faithful just to snap a picture of the geyser erupting? BORNING!

What about waiting for that perfect picture of a tourist sticking his face down the hole just before she blows? BINGO!

You could visit the Grand Prismatic Pool.

It's beautiful.

But there are so many pictures of that thing, who needs another?

Wyoming residents visit Yellowstone to watch people DIE!

It's far more fun to wait for the inevitable idiot to step off the boardwalk and watch his feet melt in the hot acid water.

Do you go to Yellowstone to see bison?

WHY? Wyoming has bison all over the state.

Would you go to Yellowstone to watch a bison head butt a touron into next week?

Now that's a video worth posting on social media.

If you've lived in Wyoming long enough you've seen bears.

Have you ever seen a bear maul a New Yorker?

The best place to see something like that is in Yellowstone National Park.

That's why every year many Wyoming residents plan at least one trip to our most famous park.

Screw the tourist sites that everybody else is there to see.


Wyoming residents will wait patiently for that inevitable shot of some city slicker dying by nature.

Now that is worth the price of admission.

They then share those pictures and videos with their friends and hope it goes viral on the internet.

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