Over the weekend President Joe Biden complained, once again, that Russia and Saudi Arabia were not producing enough oil to alleviate high gas prices in the United States.

This is the same president, by the way, that just shut down a major Alaskan oil project, killed the Keystone XL pipeline, and is making it hard to produce coal gas and oil, domestically.

President Biden first became a Senator back in 1972. Yeah, he's been in DC for that long. That means he remembers the Carter years. But apparently, he did not learn anything from it.

America Is Facing Another Energy Crises, and it's all on President Biden.

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Back in 1977 then-president Jimmy Carty activated The Department Of Energy. The department does many things but one of the biggest promises made was to make America "energy independent."

OPEC was a big cause of The Energy Crises of the 1970s. Some of us are old enough to remember the long gas lines. People were told that they could only get gas on odd and even days that corresponded to their license plate numbers. The speed limit was dropped to 55mph in an effort to save gas. President Carter asked people to not use so much heat in the winter and wear a sweater around the house.

At the time we were told that the world would run out of oil by the year 2015. Something needed to be done.

But just the opposite of everything that was predicted happened.

Now we know that we have hundreds of years worth of energy below us, in coal, natural gases, and oil.

Yet still, America went for decades still dependent on foreign energy.

The reason we were still dependent can be seen, back in 2008, in the debate that occurred between Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden, as they both ran for Vice President.

When the debate reached the topic of America's dependence on foreign energy Sarah Palin pointed out how much energy America had underfoot. "Drill baby drill" was her famous line. But Joe Biden scoffed at the idea saying that it makes no sense. He argued that it takes about 10 years to get oil out of the ground once it is found.

But while Obama was president something happened in North Dakota that should have shown Biden why it took so long to get at oil in America. 

When a massive amount of oil was discovered under private land in ND developers were able to get around federal regulations and get to the oil in just a matter of weeks, not a decade.

President Obama tried to take personal credit for the oil boom. But it was only happening because the federal government had little power over the drilling operations.

America Becomes An Exporter Of Energy.

Newly elected President Trump quickly signed executive orders reducing the power of the EPA, the BLM, and anything else that had been getting in the way of energy development in America for decades.

Drilling and digging were still to be done safely, but the massive pile of useless and time-consuming regulations was reduced.

Overnight, America became Energy independent. Beyond that, this nation became an exporter of energy. We enjoyed low prices and a booming economy, the best we had seen in over 50 years, for a short while.

COVID hit. The government shut down the economy. Biden became president. He reinstated massive government regulations.

America now suffers from soaring energy prices at the pump, and a shaky electrical grid as we turn over to unreliable and unsustainable wind and solar power.

President Biden's answer: calling on OPEC to start pumping more oil.

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The only reason America is not energy independent, and no longer an energy exporter, is because of the GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE!

Looking toward foreign energy is not good for our economy and makes us an unsecured nation as we depend on our enemies to keep our military and economy going.

Government is not the answer.

This should be obvious since the department of energy was founded in 1977 and only made the situation worse. We only became an energy-strong nation when we got government out of the way.

The Petroleum Association Of Wyoming is calling on you to free Wyoming and the surrounding state of the burden of government so they can get back to work. Even the state of Texas is screaming, 'GET OUT OF THE WAY, WE CAN HANDLE THIS!'

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