The California-based company Proterral, which made all-electric buses, filed for bankruptcy in August.

That's the same company from wich Teton County/Jackson, Wyoming purchased a fleet of 8 buses. None of them was functional.

Forget getting them fixed by warranty. The company is gone.

But don't worry about the CEO of the company. He will be fine.

Gareth Joyce, the CEO and a board member of California-based electric bus maker Proterra, continues to serve on a top White House council advising President Biden on trade policy even after his company filed for bankruptcy. (Fox News).

Joyce has held this position with the White House Export Council since February.

Joyce explained at the time that Proterra, despite its bankruptcy filing, had created a foundation setting the stage for,

decarbonization across the commercial vehicle industry as a whole.

That statement of "decarbonization" is a bit hard to understand when one realizes that these buses are recharged with power that comes from coal and natural gas plants.

"While our best-in-class EV and battery technologies have set an industry standard, we have faced various market and macroeconomic headwinds, that have impacted our ability to efficiently scale all of our opportunities simultaneously," Joyce said on Aug. 7. "As commercial vehicles accelerate toward electrification, we look forward to sharpening our focus as a leading EV battery technology supplier for the benefit of our many stakeholders"

Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee Ranking Member Senator John Barrasso, R-Wyo., called for his removal.

Back in 2021, President Biden had taken a virtual tour of the EV bus plant.

"I want you all to know I used to be a bus driver," Biden remarked at the conclusion of the event. "You think I'm kidding, I'm not. I worked my way through law school driving a school bus."

"I'm going to come down and see you in person. So, I look forward to seeing y'all," said the President.

The president later touted Proterra as an American electric vehicle success story in multiple speeches about his energy goals.

After the failure of the company Senator Barrasso of Wyoming released the following statement:

"Mr. President, it is evident that the promotion and favoritism towards Proterra Inc. have resulted in significant losses for taxpayers and investors, including those in my home state of Wyoming," Barrasso continued in his letter to Biden on Thursday.

"The bankruptcy of Proterra, despite the administration's support, raises serious questions about the reasoning behind these endorsements," the Wyoming Republican wrote. "The American people deserve accountability and transparency in matters of public policy and the businesses the President of the United States and his cabinet officials choose to promote."

The story of Proterra and this CEO is much like the famous SOLRINDA story from the Obama administration.

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